DANZAISA = Danza (dance in Spanish) & Aisa (Surinamese, she who unites through music and dance) DanzAisa is a dance / theater / film company dedicated to work that is cutting edge, intercultural and interdisciplinary. In addition to serving as a platform for the choreography of Artistic Director Gabri Christa, the company strives to unite through cultural exchange and collaboration. DanzAisa is committed to working within the communities where it performs and resides through educational and grassroots outreach.

DanzAisa is a project based company that produces dance /theater and film works with a core group of collaborators. The regular collaborators are;

Marilys Ernst

Vernon Reid


Burnt Sugar

Bina Altera

Alysia Ramos


DanzAisa is a not for profit 501 –C-3 Company.

Board of Directors:

Quynh Mai: President
Roger Cramer: Treasurer
Shawn Ruff: Secretary
Danny Kapilian
Gabri Christa

Board of Advisors:

Vernon Reid
Warrington Hudlin
Charles Stone
Danny Simmons
Sasha Dees
Numa Saisselin
Jane Penn