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Selected Reviews:

Ingenious Choreography.
Jack Anderson "New York Times" New York, NY

Two intensely affecting performers created a searing portrait of a woman and a man gradually overcome by life forces that require a killing conformity.
Jennifer Dunning - The New York Times - New York, NY

Gabri Christa was a revelation. Excellent dancers with bodies tuned like the strings of a guitar that refreshingly played with the combination of leg movements, hips and gestures. It is worth it to follow Christas work and to open up the stage for her.
Teresa Alvarenga - El Nacional - Caracas, Venezuela

There is no discussion possible about the quality of Gabri Christa as a dancer. When you add to that the Grito Verde is not her first choreography, that she took care of both the light and the costume design herself, and that she is still very young, you come to the conclusion that she offers an encouraging perspective for the future.
Alejandro G. Alonso - Revolucion y Cultura - Havana, Cuba


Lyrical, sometimes hopeful. This piece gives us an insight in the wide-ranging cultural view point of its maker, as well as her skill to put human problems on-stage in a remarkable way. Gabri Christa is an exquisite, top of the line dancer.
Pedro Angel - Juventud Rebelde - Havana , Cuba

Christa, a tall dancer from CuraVao. Her stage presence is riveting, her dancing assured, supple, unconstrained.
Susan Homar - The San Juan Star - San Juan, Puerto Rico

If De Steen were text- theater, it would sound like a meeting of the United Nations without the interpreters, but it is dance and it is indeed possible to combine the extended jumps and turns of western dance with the curved backs and swaying hips of the Afro Caribbean Culture. The ingredients which she gathered from here and there, have been put on such a high flame, that everything started to swelter and ferment, and began to mold in a dynamic unity. She did not arrange a display of exotic goods, but aimed to form a synthesis.
Luuk Utrecht - De Volkskrant - The Netherlands

The debut became the talk of the first night of the festival... a choreography that is exemplary for her idea on dance: a carefully thought out mixture of Caribbean and African styles with contemporary dance techniques.
Ida Jager - De Volkskrant - The Netherlands

Dance with a new dimension. A masterpiece.
Helen van Kamperveen - Amigoe - Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

A revelation in Gabri Christa one clearly finds a significant promise for the future.
Kees Polling - Elseviers Magazine - The Netherlands

She is never idle, doesn't try to please and her movement is unpredictable, surpising and makes for original, fascinating dancetheater. Especially the combination of sounds mixed in with her own authentic style, make her movement unique and strengthen in me the belief that she has more surprises in store.
Marcel- Armand van Nieuwpoort- Financieel Dagblad- The Netherlands