Director: Gabri Christa
Choreographer: Gabri Christa & Nathan Trice
Cinematographer: Marilys Ernst
Music: Vernon Reid
Producer: Tanya Selvaratnam
Executive Producer: Warrington Hudlin for
Synopsis: Through a dance narrative, the film explores how different generations of men come together and come to blows over the age-old game of domino.
Awards/recognition: Official selection Nueva Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan, Bonn Film Festival, Dance on Camera Festival New York, Denver Pan African Film Festival

High School
Director; Gabri Christa
Choreographer; Gabri Christa

Cinematographer: Evann Siebens
Producer: Gabri Christa & Evann Siebens
Music; Suphala
Executive producer: Warrington Hudlin
Synopsis: A young boy wanders in to a public high school in New York City and witnesses a pregnant teenager being teased inside a classroom
Awards/recognition: ABC TV creative excellence Award, finalist Dance on camera New York, Cantor Film Center, official entry Monaco Dance on camera Festival, University of Utah, Dance Theater Workshop.


Ring Shout
Director: Gabri Christa
Producer: Gabri Christa & Evann Siebens
Cinematography: Evann Siebens
Music & Choreography: Reggie Wilson
Executive producer: Warrington Hudlin for Dvlab.
Synopsis: A young boy in Manhattan Valley, observes a group of southern Baptist perform a Ring Shout ceremony for a murdered young man.