"I believe that all people can dance, that dance is not for the selected few. Teaching is a dialogue, a conversation in which I learn as much as much I teach. Dance has the capacity to cross cultures and create understanding. I believe in the joyous spirituality of movement and in the pleasure of discovery."

Explores material from old and recent repertoire. The warm-up incorporates yoga and several afro-Caribbean dances. Weight and lush free moving are explored. Movement sequences from the present company repertoire will be taught. COMPOSITION in combination with the class, works on creating new material for performance and focuses on composition through improvisation.

African Diaspora Dance and Ritual. Gabri Christa holds a Masters Degree from the University of Washington and has developed and taught a course on African Diaspora Dance and Ritual at the University of Washington. She has lectured at Fordham University and other Universities. She will draw from her research for following classes.
Tambu: Afro-Curaçao's Music and Dance of Resistance*
Winti (the vodou of Surinam)*
Cuban Modern Dance; history and development.


*These lectures are a great opportunity to gain insight into the cultures that inspired the full-evening length work "Yeye," the first of the Winti project, which includes sections based on Tambu and Winti.LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH
Several different community outreach projects are available.GUEST

Gabri Christa can be commissioned to create work for other companies, including performing art schools and university dance departments.